Diamond AI Cameras / NDAA Series

2MP AI 12X / 20X / 23X Mini PTZ Dome Network Camera - IR 160M

Smart and Speedy PTZ for Security

2MP · AI · 12X/20X/23X Optical Zoom · 3 in 1 Super WDR Pro · 0.002Lux Starlight · IR Anti-reflection Design · IP66&IK10 · PTZ Auto Tracking · Recessed Installation · 90fps


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AI Video Analytics

Powered by advanced AI engine, Rhodium new generation video analytics boasts with higher accuracy via a pre-trained deep learning model and continuously training to algorithms automatically. Rhodium cameras can intelligently filter objects to focus on human and vehicle detection, together with multiple event rules including region entrance, object removed, loitering, etc., to meet diverse scenarios for building a smarter and safer world.

People Counting

Rhodium People Counting Technology provides high accuracy and real-time data based on AI algorithm, with statistic reports for further analysis. It is a reliable and efficient way to understand the flow movement and make fast decision on security management. By analyzing the data and trend, you can also identify the peak of occupancy and increase the operational efficiency of the business.

Face Detection

The intelligent Face Detection brings security surveillance to a new level. Rhodium AI Camera Series detects human faces in the monitoring scene and captures the snapshots. This function greatly enhances the monitoring efficiency by screening out the useful facial information. With the snapshots, the people in concern can be quickly located, which benefits the large population related industries such as public security, access control and business management.

Advanced PTZ Functionality

Reaching 360° endless pan, -5°~90° Auto-flip tilt and 12X/20X/23X optical zoom which are the core functionality of the PTZ dome camera, the AI Mini PTZ Dome Network Camera is able to move for omnidirectional and long range monitoring. To get timely and efficient performance, the camera owns the unparalleled pan and tilt speed and 3D Positioning. It can fast focus and catch without even blinks of an eye.

Revolutionary IR Design

Pioneered by Rhodium and first applied in the AI Mini PTZ Dome Network Camera, the IR Anti-reflection Design adopts elaborate panels to completely remove the worries of the IR reflection, which guarantees the camera to offer best IR feature. And the supreme Smart IR II technology with combination of high & low beams will release its second-to-none IR performance.

Discreet Installation

With recessed installation and smoked dome cover available, the AI Mini PTZ Dome Network Camera can skillfully blends in with the environment and easily hide the direction for not letting people see where the camera is pointed, bringing discreet monitoring performance.

IP66 & IK10

Sharply contrasting to the mini size, the AI Mini PTZ Dome Network Camera features the industry leading IP66-rated weather proofing and IK10-rated vandal proofing, which allow to protect the camera against adverse impacts to ensure the robust performance.

Intelligent PTZ Auto Tracking

The dome camera features with intelligent PTZ functionality. Once PTZ Auto Tracking function is enabled, the camera could leverage motor mechanism to perform Pan/Tilt/Zoom to track the moving object automatically, achieving the smart, reliable and real-time video surveillance without any critical details missing.

Leading-edge H.265+ Compression

3 in 1 Super WDR Pro - 140dB

Rhodium upgraded 3 in 1 Super WDR Pro outputs three frames each line, which is able to bring more details especially moving subjects. What’s more, it greatly improves image quality for reducing smear and noisy points. The ratio that the brightest light signal values divided by the darkest light signal values is up to 140dB.


With the industry leading frame rate reaching 100fps, Rhodium Network Camera can easily catch images with no latency despite of the high-speed movement.

0.002Lux Ultra Low Light

With 0.001Lux ultra low light visibility which is the industry-leading level for especially fast moving dome camera, the AI Mini PTZ Dome Network Camera is able to deliver high detailed color images even in low light environments reaching 0.001Lux of color mode or 0Lux of B/W mode, and near infrared light environments without any supplementary lighting.

Comprehensive Defog

The dome camera creatively realizes the comprehensive defog performance both in software and hardware. It is able to keep the lens from generating the vapors to form the fog in some particular cases with the help of the fan inside. What’s more, the camera applied with image defogging algorithm to automatically detects fog and digitally filters it out of view to provide clear images in hazy and foggy weather.

Versatile Interfaces

In the base, the AI Mini PTZ Dome Network Camera comes with a whole array of interfaces such as Alarm I/O, Audio I/O, DC 12V and PoE port. Such complete interface design is available to meet your different kinds of video surveillance needs.

Various Accessories

The AI PTZ Dome Network Camera is a functional model which can be applied in various scenarios. It can be flexibly installed in different way for specific needs. To best guarantee its installation and use experience, four efficient accessories are available to bring supreme performance.

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