QSnet – Rhodium Diamond AI Cameras Manufactured in Israel

QSnet Visual Technologies - Developing, Manufacturing & Distributing Rhodium Diamond AI NDAA Cameras Brand.

QSnet was founded in 2003 as the exclusive distributor in Israel of Vicon Company – USA.
Today, our main focuses are providing a variety of professional and competitive solutions in the field of security cameras and in the development and production in Israel of the Rhodium Diamond AI NDAA brand that is designed for the projects market and federal customers around the world while emphasizing quality, innovation and high cost benefit.

Our flagship products:

•  Rhodium Diamond AI Cameras NDAA Compliant Products & Solutions – Manufactured in Israel (depending on the project and requirement).
•  Rhodium Pro – Special Cameras.
•  Rhodium Thermal Cameras.
•  Rhodium Extreme Night Vision Cameras.
•  LeadEx Explosion Proof Cameras & Housing – Rhodium By LeadEx.
•  Q360 System – includes NX VMS, GENESYS CMS, Rhodium Diamond NDAA Cameras

AI Diamond Cameras Highlights:

•  Innovative Cameras with High Technological Quality of Video.
•  Compliance with Stringent Standards of Protection against Cyber-Attack Software and Hardware.
•  Series of in-Camera AI (MetaData) Analytics Cameras.
•  Series of AI-889 NDAA-Compliant Analytics Cameras, Approved for Marketing to the US Federal Market.
•  Manufactured in Israel.
•  Extremely Cost- Effective.

Top Projects List

Ministry of Defence

Aerospace Industry

Military Industry

Oil and Energy Infrastructure

Sugat Power Planet

Safe City Tel-Aviv

Yad Vashem Center

D City Mall

We believe in the uniqueness and synergy of a service and professional workforce, in quality and innovative products and at the highest cost advantage.

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