Dual-Spectrum PT Series- 12μm

RPT464 Series

25 / 75 / 100mm


1. With the latest 12 μ m uncooled IR detector, IRS-PT series can make farther and clearer images.
2. High-definition dual-spectrum imaging, supports maximum thermal imaging resolution of 640*512 Together with 4 MP 50x visible light camera.
3. Support 100mm infrared lens of continuous zoom which can meet the needs of long monitoring distances.
4. Support high-definition network transmission, and can transmit visible light video and infrared video at the same time.
5. Combination of multiple network monitoring, and support ONVIF protocol.
6. High-speed and high accuracy PTZ, support 5 scanning styles and 17 scan tracks with speed memory.
7. Support smart smoke and fire detection, which can meet the needs of forest fire prevention and intelligent fire fighting
8. Support smart infrared video analysis such as area intrusion and tripwire intrusion.
9. Encapsulation level IP66

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