Rhodium Thermal Cameras / Hybrid Cameras

RTPZ-PT264 Series

Dual-spectrum PT Network Camera

Product Feature

  • Adopting the latest generation of QSnet® 12 micron uncooled infrared detector, the imaging is farther and clearer;
  • With a maximum thermal imaging resolution of 1.3 million pixels and a 20x 4 million visible light camera,high-definition bi-spectrum imaging can be achieved.
  • Support 9.1/13/19/25/35mm fixed-focus infrared lens and 13/25mm fixed-focus electronically adjustable infrared lens, which can meet various inspection needs.
  • Support network high-definition transmission, which can transmit visible light videos and infrared videos at the same time.
  • Combining multiple network monitoring methods, the camera also supports ONVIF protocol.
  • With high-speed, high-precision pan-tilt, the network camera supports 5 scanning methods and 17 scanning track with speed memory;
  • Support smart fire detection.
  • Support intelligent infrared video analysis, including intelligent analysis functions such as regional intrusion, trip wire, etc.
  • IP66 protection
  • Single IP solution
  • High precision temperature measurement of ±2 degrees
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