Rhodium Thermal Cameras / Bullet Cameras

RTPZ-PT4 Series

Dual-Spectrum Thermal Network PTZ Camera

RTPZ-PT4 series dual-spectrum PTZ thermal network camera equipped with the advanced thermal detector and high-resolution visible module. The camera is developed for medium/long distance observation. With the help of thermal image, PT4 is able to capture the object in darkness or in any bad weather condition. PT4 series can be widely used for forest fire prevention, border/coast defense or other long-distance obs ervation applications.

Product Feature

1. With the latest Rhodium 12μm uncooled IR detector, IRS-PT series can make farther and clearer images.
2. High-definition dual-spectrum imaging, supports maximum thermal imaging resolution of 1.3 MP. Together with 4 MP 35x visible light camera.
3. Support 25~75mm infrared lens of continuous zoom which can meet the needs of long monitoring distances.
4. Support high-definition network transmission, and can transmit visible light video and infrared video at the same time.
5. Combination of multiple network monitoring, and support ONVIF protocol.

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