Rhodium Thermal Cameras / Bullet Cameras

RTBU-FB465-T Camera Series

Dual-spectrum Bullet Camera

Product Feature

  • With the latest Rhodium12μm IR thermal imaging detector and advanced IR image algorithm, it can make farther and clearer images.

  • Visible imaging and thermal imaging can meet the requirement for 24/7 security monitoring.
  • Smart analysis for actions such as tripwire intrusion and area intrusion are available.
  • Support professional temperature measurement analysis tools and smart fire detecting algorithm.
  • Support multiple event linkage alarm and sound-light alarm.
  • One-piece body design with encapsulation rating IP67.
  • DC12 or PoE power supply is available.
  • ONVIF&GB28181 standard interface protocol, SDK, NVR and VMS client software is available.
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