Rhodium Thermal Cameras / Hybrid Bullet Thermal Cameras Series – 12μm

RTBU-FB225 Camera Series

Dual-Spectrum Thermal Network Camera

RTBU-FB225 series dual-spectrum thermal network camera equipped with the advanced thermal detectors and high-resolution visible module.
Based on the AI algorithm, the camera is able to detect line crossing, intrusion and region entrance/exit and various measurement rules can be set.
RTBU-FB225 series could be used for perimeter defense, fire prevention in warehouse or gas station, or industrial temperatu re measurement.

12μm VOx Uncooled Detector

Equipped with new generation Qsnet 12μm uncooled Vox detector to provide advanced thermal image quality

Dual-Spectrum Image

Visible light image & thermal image for 24-hours surveillance

High Accuracy

-20℃~+550℃ measure range, ±2℃ a ccuracy with various mea – surement rules

Smart Video Analysis

Supports Line Crossing, Intrusion on both visible/thermal channel, supports fire point detection

Smart Alarm

Supports event linkage alarm, supports sound or light alarm

High Compatibility

Provides NVR and VMS client, compatible with ONVIF, GB28181 protocols, provides SDK for development

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