Thermal Bullet Fix / Motorized Lens Cameras Series - 17μm


Product Feature

Rhodium fixed camera configuration is as follows.
– Thermal System: Un-Cooled thermal image (7.5~14μm) with 75mm motorized thermal lens
– Head housing: Aluminum alloy housing with IP66 protection level The thermal system work at far-infra-red frequency @8~14μm , and could show the image of tiny temperature differences. Several image modes could be selected, such as white hot, black hot, rainbow and other pseudo color modes. The Vanadium Oxide (VOX) is the material, which is immune from the sunshine.

So thermal image is capable to work with an excellent optical performance at both daytime and night. Due to the above excellent performances, the camera is ideal for applications requiring surveillance under harsh environment and all-weather conditions. It always works fine at both daytime and night, even in a rainy/snowing/smog/foggy/dusty day. Intruders hiding in the jungle/grass at night could also be easily detected.

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