Rhodium Network Keyboard

A Truly Convenient Way For Easy Connection & Control

Supporting network connection, Rhodiun keyboard is a truly convenient tool to control up to 110 devices including Rhodium Network Camera and Network Video Recorder. With the built-in Web Server, it can support the use of browser to easily manage it. Besides, a LCD screen on the operation panel is easy to display operations. Moreover, the keyboard boasts the shortcut keys for PTZ control, NVR control, recording & playback control and light control operation, offering better user experience.

•  Support Network connection for easy connection and control of Rhodium NVRs and PTZ cameras
•  Built-in Web Server to support the use of browser to easily manage and maintain the keyboard
•  Support 4-axis variable speed joystick
•  Designed with a LCD screen on operation panel to easily display operations
•  Support to control up to 110 devices
•  Shortcut keys for PTZ control, such as preset, patrol and pattern
•  Shortcut keys for NVR control, such as snapshot and audio operation
•  Shortcut keys for recording and playback control, such as record, play, stop, pause, speed up and speed down
•  Shortcut keys for light control operation
•  With stable performance, easy to operate

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